Looking to start your own practice without spending a boatload of money ? Looking to escape factory therapy to do the work you love? The Cash Practice Roadmap is just for you.

This course helps you develop a clear professional brand and  a solid business foundation before you launch your practice.

Think of this course as your step-by-step guide from practice idea to being paid by your first client. 

If you have questions, email me at and we'll set up a time to talk about the course. 



Cash Practice Roadmap contains everything you could want to know about a lean practice start up from scratch.  It's designed for therapy entrepreneurs who have a strong desire to own a business and don't know how to begin.

“Paul exudes energy and encouragement in his interactions, and I have been empowered after every encounter. As a leader, he has walked with me through the journey of starting my own practice with grace and humility, making him a safe confidant.”

Tom Kruse PT - Tom Kruse Physical Therapy

A Course For Therapy Entrepreneurs

Many therapists feel trapped in the new reality of overload and overwhelm and want to escape "factory like" production. This course provides an alternative to "working for the man" to working for yourself. Cash Practice Roadmap helps you discover your unique calling, ideal clients and build a successful practice around them. 

Lean Practice Start Up

The financial pressure from student loans and the risks private practice keep many therapists from pursuing their dreams. This course applies lean start up principles to help therapists test the waters without going all in right away. Cash Therapy Roadmap helps you answer three important questions:
      1. Do you have the expertise to stand out from the crowd?
      2. Would you do this work even if you didn't get paid?
      3. Is the market willing to pay for what you offer?

Word From The Author

“I love helping therapists live out their calling. I enjoy teaching and coaching therapists who want to own their own practice. I want you to have the professional, financial and personal freedom to do the work you love. That’s what this course is about. This course will help you take the first steps towards a more successful and meaningful life.”